How can we help you?
We believe that any distress or disease is caused by a lack of balance between mind, body, emotions and spirit.

The therapies and crystals available at GOLDEN CRYSTAL are all effective in re-balancing the whole person leading not only to recovery from disease, but a fuller and happier life than before.

We are happy to offer free and impartial advice to all our customers and if our own therapies and crystals are not the answer to any problem, we are willing and able to refer customers to other therapists we know and trust.

Homoeopathic Consultations
Homoeopathy is a system of complementary medicine based on the principle that like cures like.

It can give relief to the symptoms of illness BUT it also aims to deal with the root cause of imbalance within the body, leading to a fuller and healthier life.

Homoeopathic medicines assist the body's natural healing ability, treating the whole person rather than the disease. Homoeopathy is growing in popularity as people take more responsibility for their health. The Royal Family have their own Homoeopath !

Healing and Counselling
Both Queti and Keith channel healing for both physical and emotional ailments. Healing sessions are unique for each person.

We find that a combination of healing and counselling is very effective in most situations. All counselling sessions are in complete confidence.